Cremation Services

As you remember and honor a loved one’s life or pre-arrange your own last rites through cremation, we at Spilsbury Mortuary are here for you. We are honored to guide you step by step through this extremely tender process.

When cremation is chosen, death does not have to be devoid of a ceremony. Life-celebrating services offer “an opportunity to remember the person who died and [help] to affirm the value of the life that was lived” (Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Director of the Center for Loss & Life Transitions). We provide a variety of cremation packages to meet the needs of each and every family we serve. Packages range from full, traditional funeral services and cremation to simple cremation options. Ask us about additional options for personalization as well.

Forms and Required Information

(Forms are provided by Spilsbury Mortuary. Directors will assist you in filling them out.)

Vital Statistics Information

  • Vital statistics will be used to file a death certificate and cremation permit (both Utah state requirements).
  • Regardless of personal timelines, by Utah statutes, cremation cannot be performed by a crematory until all required permits are finalized by state officials.

Cremation Authorization

  • Permission must be obtained from a designated person or recognized next of kin to perform the cremation. A majority of next of kin is needed in such cases.
  • We will provide clarification of the cremation process.

Selecting a Cremation Casket or Alternative Container

Spilsbury Mortuary requires the use of a non-metal casket or an alternative container for cremation. As the final resting place for your loved one prior to cremation, it also provides dignity during the family viewing or public visitation. If you are in need of an alternative container/casket we provide a variety from which you may choose.

Alternative containers may be provided by the individual’s family. They need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be made of combustible materials suitable for cremation
  2. Must be able to close, completely covering the human remains
  3. Must be resistant to leakage
  4. Must be sufficient for handling with ease and provide protection for the health and safety of crematory personnel

Cremation Packages

Gathering together, telling stories, and celebrating the life of a loved one is a very important step in the grieving process. Services chosen can be as unique as the individual whom you are honoring.

Traditional Funeral Service Followed by Cremation

  • The body is embalmed, casketed, and presented for a viewing/visitation. Afterward, a funeral service to memorialize the decedent will take place. A cremation casket can be purchased with no metal parts or rented with a removable liner.

Celebration of Life/Memorial Service

  • Family and friends gather and share memories of the deceased without the body present during a memorial service. This allows high flexibility in calendaring the event.
  • The service location can be wherever the family determines (such as a mortuary, church, community center, clubhouse, etc.).

Graveside Service Following Cremation

  • This package includes a burial service for cremated remains at the cemetery. Spilsbury Mortuary will make arrangements for opening and closing the grave, setting up a tent with chairs, and acquiring a speaker system for the graveside service.
  • Purchase of a burial plot and an urn vault may be necessary. Each cemetery has its own requirements regarding the burial of cremated remains and urn vaults.

Direct/Simple Cremation

  • This package solely offers the cremation.

Disposition of Cremated Remains

Inurnment: Placing the Cremated Remains into an Urn

  • Decorative or Temporary Urns are available at Spilsbury Mortuary or for special orders.
  • Families may provide their own container provided it has some type of a lid.
  • Urn Jewelry is available upon request and special order.

Entombment: Placing Cremated Remains in a Columbarium

At this time there are not any local mausoleums for this type of disposition.

Earth Burial: The Burial of Cremated Remains in a Cemetery

  • Spilsbury Mortuary will assist you with all the arrangements.
  • As stated above, a ½ plot is used for the burial of cremated remains and depending on cemetery requirements an urn vault may be necessary.
  • Remains may be placed in the casket of another loved one and buried with them at the time of their death.

Burial at Sea:

  • For this option, there are certain criteria that need to be met.
  • Burials in inland waters are regulated according to the Clean Water Act. For inland water burials, a permit is required from the appropriate state agency.
  • Burials at sea are regulated by the EPA.
  • Spilsbury Mortuary will assist you with the proper arrangements.

Scattering of Cremated Remains:

  • Some cemeteries and/or churches have scattering gardens available for this type of disposition.
  • You may also scatter remains on private property, with the approval of the owners.
  • Consult state laws and ordinances pertaining to the scattering of cremated remains prior to scattering.
  • If your scattering ceremony is to be held within a city or town limits, city/town ordinances and bylaws should be consulted.
  • If your scattering ceremony is to be held outside of city or town limits, then county ordinances and bylaws should be consulted.

In addition to the services listed above, Spilsbury Mortuary can assist you with:

  • Memorial programs
  • Register books
  • Scheduling of military honors
  • Tribute videos
  • Ordering floral tributes
  • Arranging the shipment of cremated remains
  • Ordering specialty items of remembrance
    • Keepsake, scattering or decorative urns
    • Memorial jewelry

For graveside, memorial, or funeral services, a recording (audio or video depending on the location of service) is provided. Also, we are happy to assist families with filing insurance and VA benefits.

Spilsbury Mortuary is a proud member of the CANA (Cremation Association of North America), NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association), and UFDA (Utah Funeral Directors Association). All of our cremation technicians are certified crematory operators.