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Arranging for the funeral of a loved one often falls on survivors who are not prepared the important decisions that must be made this time of hardship. We feel that pre-arranging for a funeral can be a most important to a family at the time of the passing of loved one. It can lighten the burden from your family members and also helps to ensure that your personal wishes, or those of a loved are known.Spilsbury Mortuary has been caring for the families in our community for nearly 70 years, If you decide that pre-planning would be beneficial to you or a loved one, we can sit down with you to evaluate your funeral needs, and help you plan a service that will accommodate your wishes. Your survivors can gain comfort in knowing that they are implementing your desires.

Pre-arrangements are often considered by persons who:

  • Find it important to know that their funeral has been paid in advance,so their family does not feel that added stress
  • Wish to give their children guidance in making funeral arrangements
  • Are moving from the community, but wish to have their funerals in their home community
  • Are applying for or are on SSI or Medicaid, who want to pay for their funeral in advance by placing funds in an irrevocable funeral trust.

If you feel you would benefit from pre-planning, please call us to set up an appointment to visit with you. If you prefer, we can meet together in the comfort of your own home.

We also offer you a way to develop a pre-plan on your own to submit to us to keep on file. With this method, you can take your time with the planning process, and only submit it when you are comfortable with your decisions. We will keep it on file and have it available for your family at the right time. We will work with and comfort your family; our only goal to assist them at a most tender time. We will guide them through the planning process, and help them know that what is occurring is what you wanted.


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