tedI am writing this note with love in my heart as I reflect on my life as a funeral director. I am filled with a peaceful satisfaction concerning families well served. The funeral profession has changed considerably and I myself have also mellowed. I truly feel thankful to be a funeral director.

I am held in humble silence as I realize that my family, like you have experienced some pretty tender moments. When my father, LeGrande Spilsbury, buried a newborn son, a nine year old daughter, Susan, as well as a son, Peter Jon. I felt and saw firsthand his anguish of soul, his sorrow and pain that settled deep within the emptiness of his being. He never really expressed his pain to me, but I witnessed his tenderness of heart as he served within his profession. He knew and understood the heart wrenching sorrow the families he served felt. Caring deeply, he served each and every family to the best of his abilities. Every family deserves our very best effort day and night. They are counting on us to step up, to do so with love in our hearts.

I have felt those same deep feelings. May I always remember my father’s genuine goodness and be true to the principles he taught. Many times I heard him say, “Remember Ted, serve from your heart. Each family deserves your very best performance regardless of means or position.” Well, my Dad’s philosophy still lives on. It is the reason we strive to offer the best service to those families we serve. It is our nature and now it is my privilege to pass on the legacy to the next generation. My daughter, Jody Spilsbury Snow is now following in the family business.

My dear friends, although funeral service presents many different options, from elaborate to simple, please know that the Spilsbury family, will serve you better than anyone else. Meaningful funeral service is all about the experience. Did it leave a lasting impression? Does it linger in your heart? Was this time uplifting and did you feel and continue to feel the unconditional love of family and friends? Most importantly, did you feel that those helping you with the arrangements were genuinely concerned about your well being?

It is our tradition and our desire that every family receives this type of service – just ask any family we have served. It is my hope that this note is received as intended, an expression of gratitude to each of you, and to a profession we have been privileged to be associated with.

Most Sincerely,

Ted & Vivian Spilsbury