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Our Services

In today’s modern world, there are options and choices for just about everything. Your choices in funeral ceremonies are as varied and individual as the people whose lives you are honoring. The Spilsbury staff will assist your family in planning the most meaningful tribute for your loved one. We will assist you in choosing the options that are tailored to the needs of your family and the wishes of your loved ones.

We provide a comprehensive service and have often been described as the facility that provides the “crown jewel” of memorial services. Many people comment that our team consistently exceeds all their expectations. It’s because we sincerely care. Many of us have experienced the same journey you are on as you begin to face the many decisions with which you are faced at your time of loss and mourning. As such, we are proud to stand by your side to offer support, prayer, love, comfort and a gentle touch at a time when you will need the best of what we offer. We take great pride in offering the very best facility, location, and service. Our mission is to treat your family as our very own, being by your side as you prepare the most meaningful way in which to honor the life of your loved one.

Whether in our chapel, your church, or at place of interment, we are able to prepare a meaningful service to honor your loved one. We will be by your side from the planning stages and beyond to assist you and your family at a most tender time. By listening to your family and getting to know your loved one through your very special memories, we will assist in arranging a beautiful ceremony, tribute, and celebration of your loved one’s life.